Hackers' Club

Q. What are our Objectives?
  1. improve the computer Engineering Skills of the Undergraduates of Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya
  2. Build a platform to share the Engineering Knowledge of the Undergraduates by doing multi-diciplinary projects
  3. Organizing workshops and sessions for Undergraduates to train for local and international competitions and events. (GSoc,IEEEXtream,ACES Coders etc)
  4. Provide the Technical and Computer Engineering support for the events organized by the department of Computers Engineering and other societies of the University to make them successful.
  5. Gain an industrial recognition for the members of the club

Q. What do we do?
Our primary target is to help Students to build their qualities which are related to the IT field and expected by the industry to achieve that we join hands with ACES and conduct "Pre-DATATHON", "Pre-CODERS" competitions and events to make students ready to make their move in the grand event. Furthermore we host Developer Series sessions and Competitive Programming sessions to give primary knowledge that students need to have as a competitive future employee in IT sector. Also we Conduct workshops in collaboration with leading companies in the industry which helps undergraduates to experience the real deal. We do not limit to all technical stuff. We organize an intra faculty FPS gaming competition "WARZONE" which brings students together and have fun while fighting for the victory.

Q. How to reach us?

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