Industrial Training

Q. Please elaborate on the 3rd year industrial training

All our interns work on actual projects and get paid (not just go and observe). Computer Engineering is the only stream that offers a full 20 weeks internship. About 10% of our students go for foreign training. Mainly in the US, Europe and Singapore. You could bring those numbers even higher! Computer Engineering is the only department that takes care of internships (others use the faculty ITCGU facility). We have very good contacts with many industries.

Further, we do the training placement purely based on your preference. We have a proper placement process, starting from collecting preferences from students, sending their CVs to the companies, having interviews and placement. We also have a mid-training workshop where we help students align their training opportunity with their career aspirations.

Q. Are all internships software-based?
Not just in software. We send our undergraduates even to research places. If you are more interested in hardware, networks, embedded systems, there are internships for those as well.

Q. Since there is a high interest among the students for doing Computer Engineering, is there a possibility for increasing the intake?
We will increase a bit in the future intakes. We are in the process of upgrading our facilities for such an increase as we are more serious about quality than quantity.

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