Undergraduate Projects

Q. Can you briefly explain the projects done in the Computer Engineering degree?

We give the students a number of opportunities to take part in projects. Our course is designed in such a way that even if you do not take these opportunities you would have done at least 3 projects, one each in software, hardware and a research project by the time you come to the final year.

Most of our projects (including 3rd-year projects) encompass many areas/subjects so that you will solve real-world problems using all the knowledge.

Recently, we started sharing the projects in public. Please see the following links:

Q. What is the importance of doing projects?

In our department, projects play a major role in bringing all that you learnt in different courses to the final product which encompasses all sections of computing; hardware, software and networking.

Projects give you chances to apply what you learn. Also doing projects lets you figure out what problems are out there in the real world of Engineering and how to solve them.

This is the profile of a fresh graduate. You can get a feel about the number of projects a student can take part in. https://www.linkedin.com/in/edussuriyac

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