• Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz (8MB Cache, 8 threads)
  • 32 GB Memory
  • Tesla C2075 GPU (6GB DDR5 Memory, 448 CUDA Cores, Compute Capability 2.0)

  • MySQL : Students can request login to use the MySQL server for their projects.
  • Apache server: Students can request web server space for their projects.

  1. Create a conda environment with jupyter notebook package installed.
  2. Activate that environment.
  3. Run jupyter notebook --generate-config
  4. It will say the configuration file for your account. Edit the configuration file and add the following two lines. (They are originally commented out as given below.)
    # c.NotebookApp.allow_origin = ''
    # c.NotebookApp.ip = 'localhost'
    c.NotebookApp.allow_origin = '*'
    c.NotebookApp.ip = ''
  5. Save the configuration file. You should still be in the conda environment.
  6. Run the jupyter notebook. jupyter-notebook --no-browser

  7. You will see a URL like this http://SOMETHING:8888/tree?token=abc123def456
  8. Type the following address into your PC browser http://tesla.ce.pdn.ac.lk:8888/tree?token=abc123def456
  9. Your browser (on your PC) will be showing the jupyter notebook running on the tesla server.

Please request through any CO staff member. Please note that the server admin has no authority to install something unless it is requested by a staff memeber.