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  2. Go to https://github.com/cepdnaclk/faq/blob/main/pages/qa.md
  3. Fork the repo.
  4. Edit the file. (You may answer an existing question, and a new question or add a new question along with the answer)
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How to connect to department servers?
You can use the Department LDAP login. If you have any issue, please mention it in the 'ask-for-help' channel of the
PeraCom Discord server.

How can I become a member of the github organization?

Send an email to e17154ATengDOTpdnDOTacDOTlk from your @ce.pdn.ac.lk email (not your gmail, not your @eng.pdn.ac.lk). You can send the email from you @eng.pdn.ac.lk address only if you have the registration number (not the name) as the email address.

What are my Wifi networks and login credentials?
Pera-Wifie14000Feels password
Eng-StudentNoneask(cannot post publicly)
NetLabNoneask(cannot post publicly)

How to setup proxy settings in linux based operating systems?

As of now (2020-04-12) you do not need any proxy settings to access the internet through any network.

How to setup proxy in windows?

As of now (2020-04-12) you do not need any proxy settings to access the internet through any network.

How to troubleshoot wifi driver issues in Ubuntu?

How to run ARM assembly code?
  1. Install the following software on your computer (already installed on tesla.ce.pdn.ac.lk)

    sudo apt-get install gcc-arm-linux-gnueabi
    sudo apt-get install qemu-user
  1. Assemble and run (example is armProg.s)

    arm-linux-gnueabi-gcc -Wall armProg.s -o assembledCode
    qemu-arm -L /usr/arm-linux-gnueabi assembledCode

What server (tesla/aiken/kepler) to use for what purpose?

How to automatically connect to a server without typing a password?

See https://www.tecmint.com/ssh-passwordless-login-using-ssh-keygen-in-5-easy-steps/

How can I install a software package on a department server without sudo access?
  1. Contact any instructor/lecturer and request them to install the software.
  2. Request a virtual machine contact: rajitharamanayake[at]gmail[dot]com
  3. There are many workarounds that do not require sudo access such as “pip install –user”, “conda install” if all you want to do is indtalling a python package.

How can I get a linux virtual machine on a department server?

Ask for permission from roshanr[at]eng[dot]pdn[dot]ac[dot]lk and help from rajitharamanayake[at]gmail[dot]com (update this answer if someone else is in charge now).

Why is my linux virtual machine on a department server unable to connect to the internet?

Ask harshana[dot]w[at]eng[dot]pdn[dot]ac[dot]lk and fill this answer.

Can my laptop be set to automatically turn on/off proxy?

Will my @ce.pdn.ac.lk mail address and @eng.pdn.ac.lk mail address expire after graduation?

As of now (2020/04/14): @ce.pdn.ac.lk will be deleted one year after the graduation. @eng.pdn.ac.lk will not be deleted in the foreseeable future.

What are my usernames and passwords for university websites?
https://feels.pdn.ac.lk/ eXXYYY Given to you during faculty orientation
CO Top floor lab linux computers, tesla, aiken, babbage, [at]ce.pdn.ac.lk email, results.ce.pdn.ac.lkeXXYYYGiven to you during the department orientation
CO Top floor windows passwordeXXYYYGiven on the first day of using windows software for a lab after enrolling in the department
CC windows passwordeXXYYYFILL THIS
[at]eng.pdn.ac.lk passwordYou chooseYou choose
http://me.pefaa.net/You chooseYou choose

How can I get help to recover passwords or create accounts?
AccountWhom to ask
CO Top floor lab linux computers, tesla, aiken, babbage, [at]ce.pdn.ac.lk email, results.ce.pdn.ac.lkCO server admin
CO Top floor windows passwordCO server admin
CC windows passwordCO server admin
[at]eng.pdn.ac.lk passwordroshanr[at]eng[dot]pdn[dot]ac[dot]lk

How to get started with the Open BCI Cyton Board?

See https://cepdnaclk.github.io/e15-4yp-Brain-Computer-Interface-for-controlling-virtual-objects/ and contact the team listed there.

How to prepare a good CV?

Pointers from workshop for E16s on 15/06/2021 url.