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General FAQs of the Department of Computer Engineering

As of now (2020/04/14): @ce.pdn.ac.lk will be deleted one year after the graduation.
@eng.pdn.ac.lk will not be deleted in the foreseeable future.

https://feels.pdn.ac.lk/ eXXYYY Given to you during faculty orientation
CO Top floor lab linux computers, tesla, aiken, babbage, [at]ce.pdn.ac.lk email, results.ce.pdn.ac.lkeXXYYYGiven to you during the department orientation
CO Top floor windows passwordeXXYYYGiven on the first day of using windows software for a lab after enrolling in the department
CC windows passwordeXXYYYFILL THIS
[at]eng.pdn.ac.lk passwordYou chooseYou choose
https://ce-pdn-ac-lk.com/You chooseYou choose
https://ce-pdn-ac-lk.com/my_coursemgmnt/You chooseYou choose
http://me.pefaa.net/You chooseYou choose

AccountWhom to ask
CO Top floor lab linux computers, tesla, aiken, babbage, [at]ce.pdn.ac.lk email, results.ce.pdn.ac.lkCO server admin
CO Top floor windows passwordCO server admin
CC windows passwordCO server admin
[at]eng.pdn.ac.lk passwordroshanr[at]eng[dot]pdn[dot]ac[dot]lk