General Questions

Read this article.

Method 1: Please contact the admin and request them run update-alternatives as documented here.

Method 2: All gcc/g++ versions are installed in /usr/bin/. Following is an example on how you can use gcc-8 as gcc using a simple trick (without sudo).

gcc -v#You will see what the current gcc version is
mkdir ~/symlinks
cd ~/symlinks
ln -s /usr/bin/gcc-8 ./gcc #We are creating a symbolic link called gcc to gcc-8
export PATH="~/symlinks:$PATH" #We add the new gcc to the path (before the existing path)
cd ~
gcc -v #Now you get the gcc-8 when you run gcc command

If you are working on a heavy CPU bound computation, use Aiken. Kepler would be suitable if you are working on deep learning because of better GPUs and ready made datasets on the server.

Suggested solution: Labml is an all in one solution for conducting, logging and monitoring NN based experiments on mobile/remote PC.